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Wooden urns have been used for memorializing the cremated remains of the deceased for centuries, since the time of the ancient civilizations. Beautifully engraved and decorated, these wooden urns were seen as a mark of respect for the departed souls. They were also a beautiful keepsake that occupied a place of pride within the home. They were given a special place in the household so that the love of the deceased remained as a positive energy within the home. They were also a very practical solution for those not wishing for the mortal remains, or ashes of their deceased loved ones to be strewn over the waters.

The age old traditions of storing cremated ashes in wooden urns are now returning, with cremations rising over the past few years. The wooden urns of today are available in two varieties; one, which are modelled on the ancient urns, exquisite and beautifully patterned, and the others are more modern, but beautiful in their own unique way, with rotating axes where you can place photographs of your loved ones. They can also be used as keepsakes within your homes.


The urns are made of the finest quality timber, and are available in a number of sizes, ranging from small to large. They are all venerable, and are also quite affordable. The wooden urns may be rectangular or cubical in shape, and have provisions of adding photos, quotes and other memories of your dear ones on them.

The practicality and beauty of these urns, coupled with their religious value which has been known since the ancient times, can make them one of the best choices for you when you are looking for ways to preserve the memory of your departed family member, and their mortal remains close to your heart throughout your life.

The wooden urns are usually made of warm oak wood which adds beauty and gravity to the object. The wooden urns may be paneled, rectangular in shape, where the paneled area may be used for engraving. The size is 200 cubic inches, which is enough for holding the container of ashes. The wooden cube urn is a smaller piece, but very sophisticated. Crafted from oak wood, it has a warm glow and a felt base on the bottom side to keep the container of ashes dry, and also for secure placement.

The cubical urns are also available as photo cube rotating urns, where each side of the urn has a provision for placing a photograph. Placed on a rotating axis, the urn functions both as a memorializing object, as well as a testimony to old times, featuring your favourite photographs with your loved one. The multiple functions fulfilled by these wooden urns, as well as their affordable prices, makes them a practical choice when you want to buy memorials.

Wooden photo urns are also available in a pentagonal shape. These are more sophisticated and their shape is very unique. The inner cushioned chamber is ideal for keeping the container of ashes.  Lightweight, beautiful and inexpensive, wooden urns are a perfect choice for those who love to preserve memories forever.

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